Energylandia will remain open only until 16 October 2020 – Last day of fun! We have extended the validity of your tickets until 25 June 2021, especially for you!

Our team has been working for weeks on the special procedures and safety precautions for our Park. We have implemented an everyday disinfection procedure of the entire Park with cutting-edge drones, which shall take place after closing as well as thermal imaging cameras, continuous and thorough sanitation, safe-distance keeping from strangers, and a lot of other ideas to make sure that our Guests are safe and comfortable.

With individual visits, reservations are not required. Every Guest is allowed access onto the Park’s premises.

We strongly recommend wearing masks though.
By ride entry points, inside the attractions and in the show areas wearing masks is mandatory.
Wearing scarves on rides is strictly prohibited.
Mask wearing obligation does not apply to children under 4 years of age.

The number of people remaining on the premises of the Park is in complete compliance with the Polish governmental guidelines
From 11.10 – 1 person per 10 m2
These restrictions will ensure your safety at a much higher level than at any other facility of this type.

Please see the Price List tab on our website for detailed pricing info. It is valid until 25 June 2021 r . In our offer we do not have family tickets .

There is no need to book tickets, since there is no visitor limit at our Park.
Reservations are required for groups over 15 people – after booking the tickets are available only at the ticket office for groups. We can certainly recommend purchasing individual tickets online for your convenience and in order to avoid lines at the ticket offices. Please go to to purchase your ticket.
Internet tickets are valid until 25 June 2021.
Discount tickets are only available at the ticket office upon presentation of relevant documents.

Tickets purchased online (electronic tickets) are valid to 25 June 2021,  in accordance with the Park’s Calendar

We certainly do offer 2-Day Passes:

  • Standard 2-Day Pass: 249 PLN
  • Discounted 2-Day Pass, for Guests up to 140 cm in height: 159 PLN.

Tickets must be used on consecutive days (day-after-day), from the moment of entering the Park; 1 ticket per person.

Annual Passes are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. The Pass holders have their photo taken and receive their Passes onsite.

At Energylandia there are single-use tickets for all attractions valid for an entire day. There is no need to “watch” the time of your stay, as you can use all the attractions all day until closing time.

The Discounted Annual Pass is valid for an entire year from the date of purchase. The Holders shall have their photo taken (at our offices) and receive their Pass. Just as in the case with the Discounted One-Day Ticket, the Discounted Annual Pass may be purchased for a Guests whose height is under 140 cm on the day of the Pass’ purchase.

There are no family tickets in our offer. Every Guest is obliged to purchase their own individual ticket, unless they qualify for the height discount (up to 140 cm), etc. Details can be found on our website by clicking on the Individual Pricelist tab.

For tickets and most other items on the premises of Energylandia you can pay by credit card or with cash. Credit cards are not accepted in places like: computer and arcade games, some service points like photographer, photo booth, face painting, tattoo, etc. For your convenience and to avoid queues at the ticket offices, we recommend that you purchase your tickets online, in advance, at Tickets bought via on­ line are valid until 25 June 2021.

All available attractions, rides and shows are included in the ticket price. Of course, you would need to pay extra for food, computer and arcade games, some service points (e.g. photographer, photo booth, face painting, tattoo, etc.), and, naturally, items in the shops on our premises.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer such tickets at this time. All of our tickets include the full benefits of taking unlimited advantage of all available attractions, all day. For visitors who do not wish or aren’t able to use the equipment, we offer some of our more mellow attractions, shows and animations.

If you wish to leave the premises for a moment, simply ask one of our employees at the gate for a special ID stamp. This will make it possible for you to get back on our premises the same day not more than 30 minutes counted from the time you left the park. Warning! Please make sure you have your ticket with you, you will need to present it on your return.

All children under 18 get a Birthday Pass to Energylandia, (Also 18th birthday ) On the birthday receive a ticket to park at a promotional price 1zł per person! Just a little something to show that we care. Please make sure that you have your photo ID ready when requesting a Birthday Pass. Photocopy of the document should be left at the ticket office. Only on this basis, a person can buy a birthday ticket. Ticket are available ONLY at the ticket office.

Birthday Promotion only applies to the person celebrating their own birthday, up to the age of 18.

Gift tickets may be purchased via our sales system. In order to buy the ticket, select the “gift tickets’ option in the panel and fill in the recipient’s address. Tickets are mailed to the address provided, when payment is received.

When in season, gift tickets may also be purchased at the ticket offices during regular opening hours.

There are different types of groups: of preschool or school children, organised/company/integration/family groups, etc. Groups start from 15 participants. Ticket pricing for groups of children vary depending on the ages. Our current price list for group tickets can be found at For every 10 students in the group, there is a 1 PLN ticket for the guardian! Tickets can be purchased only by guardians or drivers. Prices for school groups also applies to weekends , holidays and public holidays surcharge of 10 PLN for each admission ticket. Group ticket pricing is not valid on weekends or holidays. For ticket prices for organised adult groups please contact us via email at or by phone at +48 33 486 15 00. The arrival of the group needs to be announced in advance at or +48 33 486 15 00.

There are no additional charges for using our Water Park. Entry is included in your Energylandia entry ticket.

Due to the restrictions set out by the roller-coaster manufacturers, we are unable to allow you to use this type of equipment. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, for safety reasons, a person with a physical disability must be in good health, have all limbs and a fully mobile upper body in order to use our roller-coasters. Such persons must be able to independently get up on their own from a wheelchair/seat/car* in case of implementing emergency procedures, neither may they be in possession of any unsecured aides or devices. Safety of every Guest of our Amusement Park is our top priority, which means that we must refuse you the option of using such equipment. This decision is detailed in pts. 15 and 17 of the Energylandia Amusement Park Policies.

Energylandia Amusement Park Policies:

15. In order to maintain safety, in particular in situations regarding possibility of independent evacuation of a Guest from an attraction/ride as well as due to the nature of the attractions/rides, the Staff of the Energylandia Amusement Park reserves the right to refuse to allow using the ride/attraction by a person who, objectively, is unable to independently use given attraction/ride.

17. Bearing in mind the safety of our customers, we would like to inform you that the equipment at the Amusement Park has fixed parameters for the people using it (e.g. height, age, weight restrictions, etc.). Therefore, it is forbidden to use the equipment – which has such restrictions – by persons whose physical conditions (such as height, weight, weight) prevent them from using the equipment safely and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Standard terms of use of each attraction are available before the entrance to the Energylandia Amusement Park, in the Customer Service Office as well as the Amusement Park’s website.

Yes, but only in the event of a group visit, with min. 15 participants.

We invite couples in their wedding attire, along with 2 photographers (or a photographer and a video operator), for a wedding session.

The wedding couple as well as the photographers and video operators can take advantage of the promotional ticket price of 1 PLN.

There are strict restrictions in terms of maximum and minimum height on our attractions. This is an essential condition for maintaining safety at the Park. The ranges are indicated on each attraction.

Our monitored car park can accommodate up to 2500 cars at a time and the cost of a parking pass is 5 PLN.

Trailer parking tickets are available at the Park’s ticket offices, for 50 PLN/day, with power and water connection included in the price.

Detailed information as to buses and coaches can be found on our website by clicking on the Getting here tab.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot permit dogs to access our premises. Please take this into consideration when coming for a visit and do not leave your dog by itself in the car while having fun at Energylandia!

Yes, we offer 5 % discounts on our tickets to all Large Family Card holders. Discount does not apply to “discount tickets”. Promotion can not be combined.

Yes, all Parkmania card holders are eligible for a 5 % discount when purchasing tickets at Energylandia’s ticket offices. Discount does not apply to “discount tickets”. Promotion can not be combined.

At the moment, Energylandia does not offer any lodging on the premises. However, you can find some accommodation options in the HOW TO GET HERE/LOGGING tab on our website, at For info on camping/camper options please contact us at +48 33 486 15 00.