New price list valid until 19 June 2019

WARNING! The ticket price includes all attractions without limits: roller­ coasters, carousels, theater , performances , shows, children’s zone , Family zone, Extreme zone and Water Park! Day ticket without time limits and quantitative* *The ticket does not include food, computer and arcade games, some service points (the photographer, the photo-booth, face painting, tattoos, etc.) and souvenirs.

  • Regular Ticket 119,-
  • Discount ticket 6 69,-
  • Tickets up to 3 years of age 1 1,-
  • Birthday Ticket 2 1,-
  • Pregnant women Upon presentation of a pregnancy card 69,-
  • Seniors 5 +65, upon presentation of an ID verifying age 69,-
  • Discounted yearly ticket 3 209,-
  • Regular yearly ticket 3 359,-
  • Ticket for bride and groom For Brides who wish to have their photo session at the Park, promotion applicable only to a bride, groom and max. 2 photographers (regardless of the wedding date 1,-
  • Persons with disabilities 4 Up to 12 years of age 49,-
  • Persons with disabilities 4 12 years of age and up 69,-
  • Standard 2-Day Pass 7 219,-
  • Discounted 2-Day Pass 6 7 119,-
  • Camper parking Available with full access to water, electricity, and toilet facilities. 50,-


  1. Tickets for children under 3 years of age may be purchased only based on a document confirming their age.
  2. All our Guests up to 18 years of age pay only a symbolic fee of 1 PLN on their birthday, as a nice gesture towards our youngest Guests. It is mandatory to present a document confirming the identity and date of birth of the birthday ticket recipient.
  3. An annual pass is valid for a year from the purchase date. Pass holders have their photo taken on site before receiving the pass. A discounted annual pass, just like in the case of a single-entry ticket, is applicable for persons under 140 cm in height on the date of purchase.
  4. Discounted tickets for our disabled Guests are available for purchase upon presentation of an ID verifying the disability. In case of any doubts it is required to show another photo ID to confirm the identity of the holder. Discounted tickets for disabled Guests are applicable under 12 years of age. A discount is also available for caretakers, but only in case of groups of min. 15 persons, with an advance booking.
  5. Upon presentation of a valid ID and expression of consent to making a copy (privacy policy).
  6. Children up to 140 cm in height
  7. Passes are to be used for two consecutive days from the moment of entrance onto the premises of our Park. One Pass may be used by only one person.

Additional discounts

  • We accept the Polish Large Family Card as a basis for offering a 5% discount on entry tickets.
  • We offer a 5% discount on every ticket purchased at the Energylandia Ticket Office with the Parkamania card.
  • Promotions cannot be combined. Promotions do not apply to discounted tickets or annual passes.
  • The above price list is valid from 22 June 2018 as well as the gift tickets price list, and the price list of electronic tickets purchased on our website at Before purchasing your tickets please read our Park’s Policy, displayed at the Ticket Office and before the entrance. Purchase of an entrance ticket means acceptance of Energylandia’s policies. Parking paid 5 PLN / Parking unguarded but monitored.