How to get here

Zator is located between two urban agglomerations: Kraków and Katowice . EnergyLandia can be accessed in various ways. If you are planning your journey, please use our directions:

ENERGYLANDIA al. 3 maja 2 32-640 Zator, woj. Małopolskie  GPS: 49.997058 N, 19.412196 E


If you are travelling to EnergyLandia from another country, you may select one of the two closest airports: John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport (42 km) Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice (84 km)


If you are travelling to EnergyLandia by train, you may select one of several railway stations which you can directly access from various locations in the country. You can continue your journey by bus. We recommend the closest railway stations: – Kraków Główny railway station – Katowice Central railway station – Oświęcim railway station – Wadowice railway station : Rozkład Jazdy PKP


If you are travelling to EnergyLandia by coach, you may select one of the several closest coach stations: – Kraków coach station – Katowice coach station – Wadowice coach station – Oświęcim coach station You may also plan your journey to Zator using this website: E-podróżnik


There are also buses of private operators to Zator from Kraków, Katowice, nearby cities and municipalities (Oświęcim, Wadowice, Chrzanów, Spytkowice, Brzeźnica, Skawina), which usually leave every several dozen minutes. The easiest way to find information about connections is to check local stops or coach stations.