Another project that will be implemented in the future is the hotel zone expected by our guests!
As is always the case at Energylandia, the fairytale land of many surprises, the hotel zone will also be extraordinary.
Our goal is to create a Venetian-style town, full of charming little streets, historic buildings, and corners with an authentic canal and gondolas.
The complex will be partially covered with a transparent structure so that our Guests will be able to admire Energylandia’s attractions in a relaxing setting, enjoying the views overlooking our phenomenal Hyperion.
A new SPA zone is being planned by the patio and the Venetian Canal, as an additional convenience for our Guests
The complex will consist of 2 impressive restaurants, conference rooms, and other facilities for party and event organisation throughout the year. In the initial phase of the project we will already be able to offer ca. 500 hotel beds, and space for just as many Guests in our conference zone.

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