Bamboo Bay, this is yet another surprise for our guests in 2022!
This time we hit the fun and thrills riding the water slides!
Another water zone in our huge water park!


Not 2, not 3, but 16 new and exciting water slides!
Twisted RUBA, TIRIKI, PLUM or OASIS are the new queens of this zone.
This is no more picnic time because following the opening of this zone, we are going to stand on a podium of all water parks in Poland, with a total of 36 water slides!
You thought we were going to give you a break from water fun holidays after last year’s release of Exotic Fun – Not a chance!

This vacation, we’ll invite you to a pampering break at our BAMBOO BAY – Energylandia’s African hideaway.
With the hot summer coming, get your: towels, flip flops and sunscreens ready – here comes a wave of great fun in the rhythms of Black Continent!