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The main attraction of the Aqualantis zone!

Designed as a pump station and situated exactly on the spot where the holy temple of the mighty ocean god Abyssus once was. Small boats are used here to explore the still sunken parts of the town. However, when you board one of the boats, the imperious ruler will not hesitate to show you his displeasure, and send an enormous shock wave at the brave explorers, trying to send them down into the ocean like he’s done with the poor islanders before.

Abyssus is a Double Coaster, which reaches the speed of 100 km/h. The coaster will exceed 38 metres in height and the track length will boast 1316 m. The Abyssus ride will take up to 2 minutes!
The car of the coaster can accommodate up to 16 passengers at a time, but that’s not all it can do.
Riding on this extreme roller coaster guarantees a multitude of inversions, the attraction will have 5 of them!
From the very beginning of the ride your adrenaline is bound to skyrocket, since the coaster reaches its full speed in just a few seconds.
You can expect even more thrills to come later on. As we have already mentioned, this is a Double Launch Coaster, which means the car will be accelerated not once, but twice! The first time will happen at the beginning of the ride, and the second time as it begins losing its speed.

For those who enjoy soaring in the clouds, the producers have delivered unbelievable G-force effects, unexpected gravitation effects and multiple water effects, such as waterfalls, lakes, and fountains.
This project has been brought to you by the Dutch leader in the industry, Vekoma.

Abyssus rollercoaster (model: Supershock wave, type: double LSM Launch), in addition to the extremely attractive train acceleration system (2 magnetic LSM launchers), it has been additionally equipped with an innovative, active system of shaping the driving dynamics, which allows for an exceptionally smooth and gentle, additional acceleration of the train, thanks to the patented system control of boost motors (two patents). The first pair of boosters measures the speed of the incoming train, and the next pairs of boosters (remotely controlled electromagnetic motors) bring the train up to the set value, maintaining the constant speed given from the first pair of measuring boosters in the first acceleration phase. This innovative system allows for very gentle control of positive and negative acceleration, which in turn provides exceptional comfort for passengers and an amazing ride experience with our new rollercoaster.

120-140 cm tall children can use the attraction in the presence of a caretaker.


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