Wonder Wheel

Dragon Zone

Attraction number
Info on opening
Dutch Wheels
53 M
5,4 km/h
180 persons


This is another surprise for you for the 2022 season!
An extraordinary structure with 30 gondolas will open-up in the Dragon’s Lair zone, overlooking the entire park, for a relaxing break, for a wonderful view and for beautiful moments…

So where did this idea to surprise our Guests like this come from?!
By all means out of our respect and everlasting love for you. Time and again, in conversations and in correspondence with you, you let us know that you’ve been dreaming about such an attraction in the park!
We’ve decided to make this investment because we respect your opinion and we want to give you the best quality experience possible.
We want the Wonder Wheel thrills to be spectacular and to make it even more exciting!
Please bear with us, we will try to provide you with all the updates on the construction progress, as we move ahead towards the completion of the project!
This year is going to be a real firecracker.

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