Are you looking for a gift idea? 🎁

  • Gift tickets (in paper version) are valid until 30 October 2022. In accordance with the Park’s Calendar.
  • Tickets include all attractions without restrictions and our new Abyssus Double Launch Coaster, Zadra Wooden Coster + Hyperion Mega Coaster.
  • Ticket holders may use all attractions of the Park at no additional charge (excluding food and arcade games).
  • Tickets are one time use only
  • One person may only purchase a maximum of 10 tickets in all their orders
  • Additional delivery charges apply.
  • Gift tickets may not be transferred to another season.
  • Two day passes are valid ONLY when visiting the park on subsequent days.
  • Tickets are mailed within two business days of date of purchase.
  • Tickets are not issued to a particular holder