Speed Water Coaster


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Speed Water Coaster
Spectacular, THE BIGGEST AND FASTEST in the Word! The Speed Water Coaster beats all possible world records for height and speed in its category! It’s a perfect ride for all fans of most extreme adventures. An incredible combination of a roller coaster and a water ride that yields an attraction which will raise you to over 60 meters high and will reach the astonishing speed of about 110 km/h! We know you get all heated up just thinking about the experience, but don’t worry; you’ll get cooled off with hectolitres of water at the climax! This investment has also been made possible by co-operation with Intamin – yet again, a joint success on a global scale. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else in Europe, the USA or even China, but it’s here, in Poland, in Zator, and it’s all yours!

Come and see us: Sat, 6.4.2019

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