Dear Guests,

Due to the introduction of pandemic-related restrictions, the Energylandia Amusement Park is currently closed.  To address the current situation, and to show our appreciation for our Guests, we have changed the expiry dates of unused 2020 Tickets (both electronic and gift) to 25.06.2021. We are extending annual tickets by 50 days, for tickets that expired before the Park opened, now they will be counted from the first day of the 2021 Season. For all other annual tickets, please add 50 days to the final expiry date shown on the ticket.

* We plan to start the 2021 season on 29 April as every year, but please note that the opening of the Park is dependent on the guidelines brought out by the Polish government. In response to some concerns you may have about the validity of tickets for the 2021 Season, we assure you that in the event of any changes to the start of the season, and as always with your comfort and convenience in mind, we will extend the deadline for tickets so that you can plan your visit without any rush. We hope that the current situation will quickly return to normal and that we will be able to see you here again without any obstacles. Due to the current restrictions, the opening date of the Park is subject to change.



Dearest Fans, due to many messages and requests you’ve sent us, we decided to resign from the obligation to reserve your date of arrival to Energylandia!

From now on, you will have guaranteed entry to our Park from the moment you buy the tickets, both at the ticket offices of the Energylandia Amusement Park as well as through our platform>>

You are surely wondering what about the number of Guests restrictions at the Park? After performing a thorough analysis, taking into consideration our statistics, we can assure you that the limits will not be exceeded. You do not need to worry about the weather, or any other unpredicted circumstances. Starting today, you can come to Energylandia on any day with a guarantee that you will be able to enter the Park, whether you bought your ticket in person, at the ticket offices of the Park, or online.

Dearest Guests, since you’ve got a lot of questions for us, we decided to gather our replies to the most frequently asked ones in one spot, for your convenience.


1. Safety in the Park
Our team has been working for weeks on the special procedures and safety precautions for our Park. We have implemented an everyday disinfection procedure of the entire Park with cutting-edge drones, which shall take place after closing as well as thermal imaging cameras, continuous and thorough sanitation,  safe-distance keeping from strangers, and a lot of other ideas to make sure that our Guests are safe and comfortable.

2. Do I have to wear a mask?
We strongly recommend wearing masks though.
By ride entry points, inside the attractions and in the show areas wearing masks is mandatory.
Wearing scarves on rides is strictly prohibited.
Mask wearing obligation does not apply to children under 4 years of age.

3. How are we going to ride the rides?
Due to the obligation of mask-wearing on rides, our attractions will have the same capacity as always.

4. Shops and food establishments
Such facilities are subject to the relevant general guidelines.


The ENERGYLANDIA Amusement Park has been diligent in taking care of the hygiene and safety needs of our employees and Guests ever since we first opened.