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Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V

The 2017 season at Energylandia is all about family attractions such as the Boomerang Roller Coaster which is sure to make you sway and scream. A perfect mix of fun and adrenaline! Unique track layout, dynamic turns, sudden inclines, superb arrangement and amazing speed up to 70 km/h will turn into an unforgettable adventure for kids, teens and adults alike. Boomerang equals double the fun since it moves forward and backward on the truck with height reaching up to 25 m! This investment has been made possible at Energylandia thanks to Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.
Boomerang Roller Coaster – a universal attraction – lets you experience some extreme screaming fun, but to a reasonable extent and will be suitable for a wider audience – from kids to adults. What really matters is that the Boomerang is double the fun since it can rock you back and forth! Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. – who is the manufacturer of the attraction will ensure the unique track layout, a few dynamic curves and inclines at a great speed of up to 70 km/h, on a track that’s up to 25 m high. We will definitely add even more fun with an exciting arrangement.

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