Event description

Santa Claus at Energylandia!

If anyone can create a magical Christmas, it’s HIM!
Kind and generous, remembering everyone, cheerful and friendly – it’s Santa Claus.
Captivated by the Magic of Energylandia; millions of kind-hearted who have made their dreams come true here; Santa Claus accepted our invitation and decided to celebrate with us right here at Winter Kingdom!
Because we want as many of our guests as possible to meet Santa Claus, we have decided that he will stay with us from 26th November until 23rd December, while from the 4th- 6th December we will celebrate with our youngest guests with a special joy.
Santa, told us in secret, that this year he has received a lot of letters with all kinds of wishes!
There are letters wishing for toys, there are those in which children ask for gifts for their loved ones, as well as those totally magical, wishing for health and intimacy
We make a promise to you: there will be no shortage of affections, kindness and the best vibes possible, and all Guests will receive a warm welcome!
So come with us: 4th, 5th and 6th December!



Date of event
4.12 - 6.12