Event description

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to the colourful and always joyful world of Energylandia.
On April the 2nd 2022 we will again open the gates of our castle for you to enjoy.

Learning from last years’ experience, that the most important things happen right here and now ➡ don’t postpone your dreams! Come visit us and let’s together discover a new quality of fun

  • The Fairyland & Circus Zone all catered for the youngest guests.
  • The Family Zone with great water attractions, among others the RMF Dragon Roller Coaster.
  • Extreme Zone with Europe’s fastest Mega Coaster HYPERION and world record holder Speed Water Coaster.
  • Dragon’s Lair with the world’s highest Wooden Coaster Zadra, which reaches a speed of 121 km/h. Aqualantis, a newly discovered world, where the most notable character is the mighty Roller Coaster Abyssus.
  • Aqualantis zone, with a Water Park and Exotic Island. Hundreds of beach chairs, a huge beach area, pools, slides, bars, shops and water toys!
  • A paradise for kids and adults!An absolute novelty
    Sweet Valley is our Park’s new and 7th entertainment zone, scheduled to open just in time for the 2022 season.
    Energylandia does not just mean Roller Coasters, it is also a wonderful SHOW, our amazing artists from the Egypt and Colosseo Theatre are already preparing shows that will be presented to you in the new season.The phenomenal Extreme zone – stunt shows, bold performances by the best team in this field: Energylandia Extreme Show!
    In addition, of course, special eventsKinder Party, children are our most loved Guests, and their day is our biggest holiday
  • 7 Magic Night events, as many as 13 hours of non-stop fun!
  • Oktoberfest, a celebration of fine food, drink and fun!
  • Polish Golden Autumn – A magical time which can only be experienced in Poland, during our beautiful autumn days…
  • Halloween Time, a spooky and fantastic time together during the Halloween NIGHT!
  • as well as another season of the
    we’ll invite you to the wintertime version of our fairy tale wonderlandIt’s all about you Dear Friends, because you are the MOST IMPORTANT of all, it’s YOU who create Energylandia and motivate us to continue growing
    You can check the exact calendar of the Park’s opening on our website>> https://energylandia.pl/zaplanuj-pobyt/kalendarz/


Date of event
Saturday, 2.04
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