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4 Haunted Houses

We have the pleasure to announce our next event – Halloween Time from 21.10-31.10. The park will be open from 10am to 6pm. This time Energylandia has prepared 4 spooky Haunted Houses. This is yet another way to exceed our visitor’s expectations and proof that Energylandia is not just carousels and roller coasters. If you love to experience horror and chills and want to overcome your fears, then Energylandia’s Haunted Houses will be ideal for you. In addition, during Halloween Time you will be able to admire the unique decorations, which will take you to a gloomy and fascinating time of Halloween.

1. Monster House:
An interesting yet a creepy building… Strange noises coming from inside… Is there anybody inside? Daredevils who got there closer noticed some strange creatures. Are they really there, or are they just legends? Would you like to find out what lurks beyond this house? Turn off the lights if you dare, and plunge into our tale… perhaps the tale will become a living adventure, inside this spooky house with all its creepiness ?
If you like to get scared only a little bit, try taking on our Halloween story by visiting the Monster House. Out of all the Haunted Houses, this one is quite soft and suitable for children over the age of 12. It is located in the Monster House building.

2. Obsessive House:
It is late autumn. The surroundings are covered in fog. The weather does not inspire leaving the house, but this is not the sole reason… There is a serial killer out on the loose. No one knows what he looks like, where he is, or when he is going to strike again. The frightened residents tell awfully grim stories. One of them is the tale of the haunted mansion called the Obsessive House. Could this be connected to the mysterious criminal? People passing by tell of strange noises coming from the inside. It is said to be inhabited by stray souls who cannot find peace after the brutal murders. I guess it’s about time to find out…
Will you be brave enough to explore what’s in store at the Obsessive House? Just take this one step and move back in time. We are waiting for you! This Haunted House is really scary, that’s why it is suitable for visitors over 16 years of age. Obsessive House is located in the Dragon’s Lair at the Carnival Theatre zone.

3. Psychoterria:
Psychoterria – this is the name of a psychiatric hospital located among remote, distant hills and forests. All kinds of disorders are treated there and the hospital has become quite infamous. The patients of this hospital… well, it’s a bit of a mystery because nobody has ever seen them. It’s possible that the hospital protects its patients very securely or… it’s not entirely clear what really goes on there. Although many daredevils have tried to solve this mystery, no one has yet succeeded, because no one has ever returned to tell the tale. Now, there is a chance to go inside and discover the secrets of this hospital. Do you have the courage? Can you distinguish truth from fiction? Not quite sure what your mind is telling you? Perhaps some medical advice would help? We sure will give you a good check-up, make sure everything is alright with you, maybe we will even accommodate you for some time longer…..much, much longer. Welcome to the Haunted House Psychoterria- an abandoned psychiatric hospital. This Haunted House is really scary and only for people with very strong nerves. The attraction is open to visitors 16 years and above. It is located at the Dragon’s Lair.

4. Scary Loft
A new haunted house this year – the Scary Loft. Everyone is curious: what lurks in the attic…? Where have all the secrets from years ago gone….? Step into a space where you will confront fears from your nightmares! Into a world of secrets that are well hidden in this attic… Many “surprises” will await you, while you are guaranteed to be ghastly entertained. The attraction is suitable for people over 16 years of age. It’s also located at the Dragon’s Lair.

In our thriller tale, we’ll inhibit your every darkest corner.

Come and visit our horror zone, where the waiting alone is creepy enough….


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21.10 - 31.10
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