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Aqualantis – the ocean kingdom!

6 years of existence for Energylandia, the 6th season, the 6th zone!

We are delighted to inform you that there is a completely new zone coming to Energylandia: get ready for Aqualantis, which will occupy an area of 6 hectares, surrounding the new roller-coaster Abyssus. The theme of this new zone will relate to the mythical land of Atlantis.

The inhabitants of this land lived in perfect symbiosis with both nature, and the sea. However, the city was flooded by a giant wave, and the kingdom remained hidden at the bottom of the ocean for centuries. Fortunately, the ruins have been found by brave explorers who built a pump station to recover the lost city.

Our time to enter the land of oceans has come! The streets are styled to resemble an ancient kingdom and its ruins, which has been detailed with utmost care. This shall be an amazing fantasy land. In Aqualantis, the whole family will be able to enjoy numerous attractions, such as The Grotto Expedition, which is a boat expedition in a mysterious lagoon, The Aquajump shows (acrobatic jumps into water from a huge tower) as well as the latest model of The Disco Coaster. All foodies will be ecstatic to visit the banquet hall of the former Atlantis, which now serves as a restaurant, The Hall of Columns. You will also find lots of shops and attractions for our youngest Guests there.

Aqualantis will open a new chapter in construction and theming of new zones at Energylandia. Jora Vision, an industry leader working for such famous theme parks as Disneyland, Waliby, Europa Park, or the Tomorrowland festival, is responsible for the design, visuals and styling of our great new zone.

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