General Regulations of Use of the Water Zone – WATER PARK

  1. Every Guest making use of the Water Park is obliged to become familiarized with these Regulations and comply with its rules, and also with the Regulations for the Guests of the Family Amusement Park Energylandia and adhere to the rules contained therein. The rules of use of individual water attractions, including slides, are also specified by regulations and information posted in front of individual attractions.

  1. An organizer of the stay of an organized group (a non-consumer entity) is responsible for the effects of the behavior of the group members.

  1. Bearing in mind the safety of persons staying in the area of the water zone, the zone is signposted with mandatory action, prohibition and information signs. It is absolutely necessary to adapt the plans of your activity and of the activities of the wards during the stay to skills, health and meteorological conditions.

  1. Water Park, due to the safety of Guests using this zone, is made available only under favorable meteorological conditions, i.e. with the air temperature above 20°C and therefore only during the hours allowing for making use of this zone during the opening period of the Amusement ParkIn the event of precipitation or other atmospheric phenomena that may endanger safety the Water Park zone may be temporarily excluded from use for the period of their duration. Amusement Park may provide anticipated opening hours of the Water Park zone, whereby these hours may undergo changes as a result of the circumstances described above.

  1. Children under the age of 13 may use the Water Park zone only under the constant care and supervision of adult guardians.

  1. Prior to entering the swimming pool or before using a given attraction located in the Water Park zone – each person is obliged to wash the entire body under the shower.

  1. Every person using the slide is required to read its instructions posted at its entry. Adult guardian is responsible for familiarizing children under the age of 13 with the instructions.

  1. Prior to entering the slides you should:

  1. take off your shoes (including water shoes);

  2. remove all watches, jewelry, glasses and other objects that may cause injury, abrasion, laceration or other discomfort or damage the slide chute.

  1. Only children under the age of 13, under the constant care and supervision of adult guardians, may use the paddling pool.

  1. Leisure time and physical activities with the use of music (such as, e.g. Zumba) may be conducted in the water zone – Water Park.

  1. Every Water Park user has the social obligation to immediately notify lifeguards, security services or the facility personnel about any situations that pose real threats to the facility users.

  1. Swimsuits must be worn in the Water Park zone: women – one or two-piece suit, men – swimming trunks not longer than down to the knee.

  1. Children under the age of 3 and other children or adults using diapers are required to have disposable diapers intended specifically for bathing.

  1. Water Park attractions should be used in accordance with their intended purpose and with the rules of use.

  1. The depths of water in water zones/pools of the Water Park are maximum:

  • paddling pool for children – 20cm

  • basin recreational with a ship – 40cm

  • swimmers basin – 140cm

  1. In the Water Park zone there is a total ban on:

  • bringing glass and plastic packaging, cans, food, chemicals, sharp tools and other dangerous objects, the presence of animals;

  • entry of persons under the influence of alcohol;

  • entering the area of ​​the water zone in outdoor footwear;

  • running around the area and around the pool, jumping into the water;

  • pushing other people into the water;

  • climbing balustrades, lifeguard stands, walls surrounding the pools, flowerbeds and devices not intended for this purpose;

  • using rescue and swimming equipment for purposes other than intended;

  • behaving in a manner that threatens one’s own or other people’s safety;

  • throwing dishes, leftover food and any foreign objects into the water;

  • destruction of equipment and/or signs of the Water Park.

  1. Lifeguard or security services have the right to temporarily exclude the Water Park zone or individual water attractions from use (due to unfavorable weather conditions, breakdowns).

  1. Any noticed damage, ailments or hazards, breakdowns, collisions, accidents should be immediately notified to the lifeguard or the Park personnel and the provided instructions should be followed.

  1. Persons violating public order, provisions of the Regulations, not adhering to the orders of lifeguards, security services or personnel, may be asked to leave the Water Park zone due to the need to ensure safety to other Water Park Guests.

  1. Guests are required to comply with the announcements made by lifeguards and security services to ensure safety in the Water Park zone.

  1. There is a cloakroom and changing rooms within the Water Park zone.

  1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Regulations for the Guests of the Family Amusement Park Energylandia shall apply.

  1. Regulations come into force as of 18 March 2019.